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Additional Temporary Changes to Hours and Protocols

To Our Clients,

We made some protocol changes this week, as outlined in our previous email, which were designed to make our clinic safe during the COVID-19 outbreak. These changes included more frequent cleaning, restriction of appointments to essential/urgent care only, and a temporary "one client per pet policy". After discussing with clients and staff, we are making a few other simple changes to make Veterinaire Pet Care an even safer place during the challenges of COVID-19.  

Temporary Hour Change:
  • We will temporarily be closing 2 hours early on weekdays (at 5pm). This will make our weekday hours Mon-Fri 10am-5pm.
  • Instead, we will be removing our daily appointment blackout (usually 1-3pm), and seeing appointments during this time.
  • The purpose of this change is to accommodate clients who are now mostly available during the day, and help staff and clients better comply with travel restrictions that start in the evening. This should consolidate the hours that we are open while still allowing us to spread out our appointments and safely see the same number of patients.  
  • Our opening hours and our Saturday hours will not change.
  • This change will go into effect 3/20 for both our Downtown and Senate Place locations.
  • We expect this change to be temporary and last about 10-14 days, and will send an email again when our hours return to normal.
Change in Client Flow:
  • Clients will now be put directly into an exam room when they enter the office, and will remain there for their entire visit
  • Checkout will also be done inside the room so that clients may simply walk out of the office when they leave the exam room.  
  • We had previously implemented a 6 foot social distancing policy in the waiting room, but we feel that immediately putting everyone into separate rooms is a safer alternative.  
One Person Pet Pet Policy:
  • The reason for this policy is to protect our staff, as well as our clients.
  • We understand that entire households are working from home during this time, and may be available to come together as a group for an appointment. However, we cannot allow groups of people into the clinic for safety reasons.   
  • At this time, most other clinics are either closed or doing drop-off appointments only (not allowing clients inside at all). We would like to avoid this situation, and we ask that owners come only with one person per pet.
  • We expect this restriction to be lifted in early April.
We hope that everyone understands that we are making these changes to keep everyone safe, including both clients and staff. We still have no plans to close the clinic, and will stay open as long as we are legally and safely able. We are committed to providing the best possible care to our patients, clients and staff during this time and we will keep everyone updated on policy changes as the COVID-19 situation evolves.

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